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Mariana: Season One

In this season, Mariana has learned that her father has left and is having a hard time dealing with it. She distracts herself by making a new friend.

My Body is All Wrong!

This story is about Kiara; a lively highschool student who loves to laugh and have fun with her friends. Her biggest issue HER BODY! she dislikes everything about her looks!   

Follow Kiara and her friends as she faces her everyday struggles with awkwardness and self-esteem.

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My Body is All Wrong

My Body is All Wrong

Mariana is the story of a teenager who learns her family has secrets which led them to flee their home country. After her father heads back abruptly it's up to Mariana to help the family escape their troublesome past. 

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My Body is All Wrong

My Body is All Wrong

My Body is All Wrong

Chapters 1 & 2 Now Available

Find Sammy!

In this Gamersode series, we follow Alan a carefree New Yorker who was offered a new position at his company. Indecisive if he wants the extra hours and responsibility he takes a weekend trip with his dog Sammy to his uncle's cabin.  

While walking Sammy he makes a discovery that will change his perception of reality forever. 


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